Morning Dune Buggy In Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Mesmerizing Morning Dune Buggy Tours In Dubai

What better way to tour the vast sandy deserts of Dubai than in a dune buggy? We’ve crafted a range of dune buggy tour options for you to explore the eye-catching desert. Our morning dune buggy tours are filled with unimaginable excitement and thrill. They’re specifically tailored to the tourist’s specific requirements to make it a comfortable journey for them. Our guided tours are carried out under the supervision of expert professionals. Experience the most advanced and safety-installed dune buggies for an excursion across the desert.

You don’t need to carry a license or a helmet of your own; our team will provide you with all the protective gear for a safe ride. Scurry your way through the massive dunes of the desert for an adventurous journey. It’s no less than a thrilling adventure, so make sure you have all your energy to gear up!

Our fully-supported and maintained buggies come as 1, 2 or 4 seaters. Bash the magnificent desert dunes alone, or take the entire gang to venture with you. Crusading across the red dunes of the desert with friends or family only adds more thrill to the already action-packed ride.

Dune Buggy Tours In An Exclusive Fleet Of Buggies

Explore the expanses of the desert with our exclusive fleet of buggies. Sand bashing in dune buggies is a matchless experience that requires no licensing. You can drive our buggies fixed with automatic gearboxes and all safety equipment for a jumpy and bumpy yet pleasurable ride. Take your buddies with you or bring your family to explore red desert dunes standing in all their glory. Also, you can avail our early bird singles tours to enjoy a solo adventure!  Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience just because you’re too jittery to try it. Let your adrenaline flow with the most thrill-infused desert adventure.

If you seek high-speed adventures, packed with gorgeous sights, our dune buggies are ready to have you onboard. We have acquired industry-leading buggy vehicles to make this journey exquisite and comfortable for you. The drive will be no short of action, so fasten your seatbelts now and ride away in our single and double seaters. Our buggies are specially designed to handle the bumps and obstructions they’re likely to encounter in a desert drive.

Our desert dune tours feature majestic views of the enormous red dunes of the desert. So, hurry up and book a dune buggy with us to take a daring stride across the desert.


  • Pick Up - you will be fetched from the allocated pickup site around 6 am and taken to the desert. This is where the dune buggy adventure begins.
  • Briefing Session - you will receive a thorough guide on how our 4x4 dune buggies are operated. The process is super simple and easy to understand, and you will be completely safe if you follow the safety instructions.
  • Refreshments - you can munch on snacks to boost your energy levels. We also offer a range of non-alcoholic chilled drinks, so you can shoo away some of the desert heat before the real heated affair begins.
  • Safety Supplies - our team will make sure you have all the safety gear on you. Put on your helmets, steady your equipment, and fasten your seatbelts for an endless dune bashing experience!
  • Dune Bashing - demolish the desert dunes for 2 hours. The ride will be bumpy, but you are going to have so much fun bashing the gigantic dunes.
  • Drop Off - after all the thrill dies down and everyone is tired, our team will collect all the tour mates and take them back to the designated spot.

Tour Amenities

Arabic Coffee & Soft Drink
Jeep pick and drop
Photos in Traditional Clothes
Sand bashing
Sand boarding
snack refreshment

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Book Your Buggy For An Endless Journey Across Desert Dunes

If you crave the excitement of high-octane, full-speed driving, we have got the perfect dune buggy tour for you. Our morning dune buggy desert safari is a customer favorite that exposes tourists to a whole new level of adventure and electrification. With expert and certified tour guides, safety is a given. Our team is trained to maintain the highest level of professionalism during tour operations. Every tourist is tended to with utmost dedication and care. Your problems and requirements are of great concern to us. In case of any unexpected situations, you can always contact our tour guides or help center to resolve issues.

Who doesn’t want to experience a full-scale desert adventure? Our dune buggy tours are synonymous with exhilaration and thrill. You can book your tour today with our friendly and cooperative customer service staff. Call us today or write us an email to have the time of your life bashing desert dunes.


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Best For

  • Couples
  • Families
  • Kids
  • Single Travellers
  • Leisure Travellers
  • Business Travellers

What’s Included

  • Hotel pickup and drop off in a 4-wheel drive vehicle from Sharjah and Dubai
  • Safari guide
  • Food & Beverages
  • Activities

Age Policy

  • Adults are 12 years and above
  • Children are 5-11 years. 
  • To book children 2-5 years or under 135cm, please book Evening Desert Safari Private Vehicle and enter details on infants.

Good to Know

  • If you have heart ailments, neck or back problems, participation is not recommended
  • We do accept expectant mothers and passengers with heart ailments neck or back problems, please use our Contact Us page for special arrangements
  • Modest dress and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.