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Hatta City Tour- Explore the Destination In-Depth

For adventure seekers, Hatta is a must-visit destination in the UAE. With its rugged mountainous terrain and valleys, it’s perfect for hiking and sightseeing. For those who love being on the water, the Hatta city tour stores plenty of opportunities to kayak and paddleboard.

You might observe shifting vistas as you trek the winding valleys on the foothills of Hajar mountain that border Oman, with sandy stretches, turquoise water bodies, and rough-hewn peaks with possible wildlife sightings.

Hatta city tour‘s major attraction is Hatta Heritage Village, a restored museum that houses artifacts and documents of an authentic Emirati lifestyle from the early days. The collection includes 30 structures, including huts, homes, a mosque, and a fort, which you may visit on a walking tour of the village.

The scenery of Lake Hatta is breathtaking, and you could literally spend days exploring its many sites. Hatta has a number of activities on hand, including kayaking in the serene waters of Lake Hatta, trying a hand at archery or axe throwing, freefall jumps, downhill carting, and trekking.

After a full day of sightseeing and activities, retire to your tent beneath the sparkling sky for some overnight camping with a delicious barbecue dinner. It’s time you get ready to explore every nook and corner of Hatta with us at Evening Safari Dubai.

Sightseeing at Hatta

  • Visit Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam is one of the most beautiful natural sites where the earth meets the sky, according to many travelers. This spectacular 360 perspective, which is reportedly the finest in UAE and features mountains and lakes, will delight your eyes. The Hatta Dam is a place where you can take beautiful sunset pictures and create unforgettable memories.

  • Visit Hatta Date Farms

Hatta is one of many regions in which date farming is a local tradition and an essential activity. You can find ancient date farms here, and it is well worth your time to stop and explore them while you are trekking through the area.

  • Visit Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Heritage Village is a place where you may discover the actual ancient rural living that was centuries ago. This is in stark contrast to the Dubai or Abu Dhabi Heritage Villages, which are modern villages with prototypes, sculptures, and historical papers on display.

  • Visit Hatta Fort & Jumma Mosque

The Hatta Fort and Jumma Mosque towers are the oldest buildings in the area, resembling each other closely. They also both include a traditional water system from the past. These are iconic buildings for you to visit while being on Hatta city tour that paints a picture of UAE’s history for visitors.

Things to Do at Hatta

Hatta Dam is the main point of attraction in Hatta, and there are many things to do nearby. If you’re questioning whether Hatta has fewer activities than Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then Wadi Hub is the answer. This is a perfect escape and an arena for all types of experiences and activities designed for both kids and adults— options that are available either free of charge or with load fees.

With the exploration in progress opt for trekking into the Hajar Mountains, the Wadis, and see how different it looks on rocky terrain. Hiking in Hatta is a must-do experience since it is free and Hatta is recognized for its signs directing hikers to other locations. It’s best to book a guide or take a trip for mountain trekking.

Free Activities include:

  • Small Plunge
  • Big Plunge
  • Net Walkway
  • Log Swings
  • Rope Bridge
  • Pump Track

Paid Activities include:

  • Axe Throwing
  • Palm Course
  • Free Fall
  • Bag Jump
  • Mountain Carts

Tour Amenities

blankHajar Mountains Drive
blankHatta Dam
blankHatta Heritage Village
blankHatta Hill Park
blankJeep pick and drop
blankMountains Photography
blanksnack refreshment

Hotels & Restaurants


●        Hatta Guest House:

Hatta Guest House is a five-star hotel on the E44 motorway, 200 meters after the Hatta City roundabout. There are 32 rooms and two family apartments at the hotel.

●        Ja Hatta Fort Hotel:

The four-star Hatta Oman Resort & Spa is a Chalet-style hotel. It’s in a 90-acre area with a roundabout named after it, called the Hatta Oman Roundabout. There is also a pool and bar on the premises.

●        Sedr Trailers Resort:

Sedr Trailers Resort by Dubai Holding is a modern, casual resort located near Hatta Dam. It is constructed in a trailer-inspired style and features a fire pit and BBQ area for guests to enjoy.


●        Al Hajarain

Al Hajarain is a well-known Emirati restaurant that specializes in Hatta cuisine. On the dinner menu, you’ll find Biryanis, BBQs, Lam dishes, as well as some more familiar choices such as pizza and mocktails.

●        Al Yamm Cafe

Al Yamm cafe offers a unique blend of Italian and international dishes. Al Yamm is especially known for its breakfast menu items like Shakshuka and classic omelette, as well as other egg-based dishes.

●        Tanoor

Chicken, lamb, and camel dishes are all available. Chicken, lamb, and camel meals can be ordered. Grilled meats and soups are on the menu. If you’re with a large group, order a full sheep meal.


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